Voices Of The Masters 1 – 3 August 2019, Poland

I AM that I AM. The Masters Voices with Amir live music.

Amir Yakobi – you know him from Yoham songs

Hosted by Anna Budzowska and Hubert Lasocki

Shaumbra Meeting – Voices of the Masters.

Dear Lovely Shaumbra Friends!

This gathering is a tribute to our mastery, to who we are – I am that I am.

This is the end of our work on ourselves and opening up to the voice of our master. Emergence.

It is not about any Ascended Masters – it is about you – it is about your voice.

We have reached a point where we no longer need to gain any more knowledge, perfect ourselves and constantly search for ourselves.
We already know everything, there is nothing left to do, we can now relax in our creation among other great masters walking on the earth, together we can enjoy our voices, master’s feeling and human expression.

Meetings with the Masters are amazing.

We invite you to our glassed house surrounded by trees and greenery to be together, to spend wonderful moments with other masters away from the mass consciousness.

It is all about simple things,

about being yourself,

listening to music together,

tasting life in a beautiful local restaurants,

the joy of meeting in the here and now.

Janinów, Black forest, sunsets under the house

We invite you to our wonderfully green space with a fireplace for silence and harmony from which the voice of your master will emerge.

We will open up. We’ll be listening to live music, we’ll talk by the fire, maybe even watch a shoud together.

Dignity and openness are the main attributes of the event.

We will conduct two workshops for you, lasting several hours, to open up to your beauty and your masterful voice. We will create it all together. No makyo and no unnecessary lessons.

We will simply allow each of us to speak out and introduce ourselves, if you choose to do so. We give each other a delightful safe space, harmony, the joy of creating in the now moment. Energetic Music in Amir’s flow and the freedom to be who you are.

Most of the meetings will take place in our home (260 m2, 3 bathrooms), in the garden (6,000 m2 of grass and aged trees). We give you at your disposal our open living room with fireplace, open kitchen, spacious terrace, and a room to relax on the mezzanine floor.

We invite 25 Masters.

At the end of the event Amir will play for us a concert on the terrace in the garden. It will be an opportunity to share joyful moments of self-expression. We will also organize a barbecue party and treat you to our homemade wine.

We want to create together a wonderful and unforgettable event, which will shine in us for a long time.

AMIR music…

The amazingly beautiful music that Amir creates will accompany us throughout the whole meeting. We will listen, enter, feel the energy, and even dance, sing and play. What will we choose.

A few beautiful, energetic songs created by Amir:

Most of you know us quite well, but more information about Anne and Hubert can be found on their own pages:






Event registration

Make a payment for the event. By paying the entire payment by the end of May you have a 50 Euro discount. We have only 25 tickets. If you want to take part in the event, it’s better to do it quickly :)!

Only Reservation150.00 EURBy the end of July you have to pay the remaining 200 EUR.
Full Payment350.00 EURIt's your clear decision. Thank you for your courage.
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.


If you have problems with payment, or would like to pay by bank transfer, using cryptocurrencies or other way please send us an e-mail to info@themasterslife.com.

What is included in the price:
Time spent together on the grass with Amir’s music – welcoming the day and opening one’s voice.
Workshop – Voices of Masters – several hours in a safe space – channelling oneself with Amir’s live music,
Colourful snacks at home, coffee, tea, juices, fruits and teas.
Amir concert on August 3 and barbecue party in front of the house (local food and homemade wine).
Watching a shoud together for volunteers – a cinema in the garden displayed on a projector. Organizational support for people taking part in the event.
What is NOT included in the price:

Arrival, accommodation, food in restaurants, alcohol that you like – please bring your favorite drinks to the barbecue and concert.



If you can not participate, you want to opt out of the event, you can give your ticket to someone else. You must find someone in your place. Write to us too, maybe someone is waiting for a free ticket to buy. But overall you are responsible for the place you have purchased. We will refund you all the money if someone will be in your place.


Do you want to contact us? Write us an e-mail info@themasterslife.com or write on Facebook.