New Energy Relationships, September 26-28, Poland

“WE ARE HERE” New Energy Relationships with Ania Budzowska & Hubert Lasocki


Dear Lovely Shaumbra Friends!

We would like to invite you to our new event, which we have been dreaming about for a long time – Shaumbra Meeting about New Energy Relationships

It’s not about romance, it’s about compassion.

Our new event is about relationships with ourselves, but we will also talk about our experiences of the new energy relationship.

A successful, beautiful, wonderful relationship with another Master, without guilty, without suffering. About the relationship that changed our lives and gave us a great reflection at every moment of our realization.

We will tell about what had to change in our lives for our relationship to exist. We will tell you about how wonderfully we played old roles in old relationships, and why, we failed to build anything lasting. 

Sometimes we will touch the darkest places, we will go deep into guilt, shame, and all this in order to be able to laugh at it later. We will tell you about handcuffs, energy games, femme fatal, desire to control and other ugly things that we no longer choose.

We will share our history and listen to yours.

Our deep knowingness of what has happened in our relationship for 15 years can be a great potential for anyone who wants to decide on a partner relationship, a love relationship with another human being in this life.

This is something that has never taken place on earth so far and we are creating it here and now.  Celebrate it with us.

“The relationship in the realization is really very simple. As simple as sovereignty. For me, this is everyday life. In our relationship, everything is different than in old relationships and very simple. We both know that everything is our creation, we can not be offended because it is an illusion. Besides, we feel very good ourselves and even our potentials forward. The fact is that before we were harmonized, we had to let our relationship die three times and who knows how many times we let it die, you never know 😀 . When you are in the realization there are no compromises. It would seem that it can not be done with somebody, but it is possible. It is a beautiful relationship, new energy, unnecessary, but very nice like your favorite wine drunk over the ocean. And it’s not about romance, it’s about compassion.”

Ania Budzowska


“For a long time I was alone, in no relationships, I just didn’t find myself in it. Everybody around me had girls, and I just didn’t fit in. I felt much better in my company. I had my first girlfriend, then my wife at the age of… 21 years old. But to put it this way, it was rather not my choice 😀 I just said yes, because I couldn’t say no… We’ve known each other with Ania Budzowska for many years, we were just friends, we weren’t ready for any relationships, when we thought about it we were both terrified…. not to mention about sex. It was safer to be just friends. The moment I realized that I no longer needed anyone to feel love, I became sovereign in love. I said to myself that I could be alone for the rest of my life and I would feel great about it. Then my relationship with Anna changed, we felt a new connection. The walls, the walls that separated us fell down. We can be alone, we go on vacation separately. For a long time we lived separately. Now we live together, but it doesn’t matter. We have a great time together, but nobody is anybody’s property and everyone can go wherever they want. In the past, all relationships made me feel limited. Now it’s different. I feel free and I have a friend who understands me, who is aware of how I am. It is a long love story. But the story of love for oneself first and foremost. It’s a choice to be in a relationship or not. It does not matter for the realization. But it is something great, beautiful to experience and it is a potential for everyone.” 


“This event is a long love story, a story of healing wounds of Adam and Isis.
We will tell you how it all started and then transformed into us. Our upcoming  gathering is a trusted group of our good friends, where everyone can feel safe, comfortable and open to what was long and deeply hidden. It is a renewal of the connection on a deep level with oneself and others, without shame or guilt. It’s gonna be a deep journey into ourselves. This is a collective energy shift that will affect mass consciousness. It is a wave of consciousness and change. If you feel it, be here with us.”



Meetings with the Masters are amazing.

We invite you to our glassed house surrounded by trees and greenery to be together, to spend wonderful moments with other masters away from the mass consciousness.


Dignity and openness are the main attributes of the event.

We will prepare three days of workshops for you, we will tell you everything that happened to us, very clearly. We will create it all together. Without makyo and unnecessary lessons. Just sharing.

Most of the meetings will take place in our home (260 m2, 3 bathrooms), in the garden (6,000 m2 of grass and aged trees). We give you at your disposal our open living room with fireplace, open kitchen, spacious terrace, and a room to relax on the mezzanine floor.

We invite 15 Masters.


Most of you know us quite well, but more information about Anne and Hubert can be found on their own pages:


Here are some photos from our last event:



Welcome to Czarny Las / Black Forest

Black forest near our home…

Event registration

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If you can’t be with us physically, you can join in metaphysically 😀 

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What is included in the price:
Workshop – New Energy Relationships – several hours every day in a safe space – channellings. Colourful snacks at home, coffee, tea, juices, fruits and teas.
Organizational support for people taking part in the event.
What is NOT included in the price:

Arrival, accommodation, food in restaurants, alcohol that you like – please bring your favorite drinks to the barbecue.



If you can not participate, you want to opt out of the event, you can give your ticket to someone else. You must find someone in your place. Write to us too, maybe someone is waiting for a free ticket to buy. But overall you are responsible for the place you have purchased. We don’t refund reservation fees. We will refund you all the money if someone will be in your place.


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