26-28 September 2019.

Czarny Las, Janinów, 45 km from Warsaw, the capital of Poland, near forests, meadows, lakes and a horse farm.

How to sign up?
Click on the registration tab and make a payment.

How much does it cost?
300 EUR per person if you decide to be one of the first (until the end of August), i.e. with a 50 EUR discount to honor your clear decision, either you are a couple or a participant in previous workshops you also have a discount until 12 of September.
350 EUR in registrations from 1. of September, if you are not a participant of previous workshops or a couple.
The advance payment is 150 EUR payable upon registration, it guarantees a place at our meeting. Another 150 EUR paid 2 weeks before the planned event or 200 EUR after 12 of September.

What is included in the price?
Workshop – New Energy Relationships – several hours in a safe space – channellings.
Colourful snacks at home, coffee, tea, juices, fruits and teas.
Barbecue party in front of the house (local food and homemade wine).
Organizational support for people taking part in the event.
What is not included in the price:
Arrival, accommodation, food in restaurants, alcohol that you like – please bring your favorite drinks to the barbecue and concert.

Where to sleep?
Where you choose, we recommend 4 places in close proximity to the house.
– 200 m from our house – Hotel and restaurant Stawy – cost of accommodation approx. 45 euro per night with breakfast. More information and photos: http://ostojastawy.pl/ (Contact: ostojastawy@ostojastawy.pl, tel. 0048 602 180 181)
– Kuklówka Guesthouse – Pension with swimming pool located 4.5 km from our house, the price per night is about 25 euros per person with breakfast. More information and photos: https://www.kuklowka.pl/Noclegi or booking.
– Grodzisko Hotel https://www.hotel-grodzisko.pl beautiful hotel located by the water reservoir, price for a double room with breakfast is about 80 euros per person. For a night with breakfast in a double room. From our house it is about 8 km
– Hotel Cyprus, distance: 10 kilometres: Booking

The place where we live is located between two airports: Chopin Airport and Modlin Airport. It is easily accessible by cheap airlines. It is good to rent a car because local transport is very limited and this is the cheapest way to get from the airport. There are also trains from the airports to Grodzisk Mazowiecki. From Grodzisk Mazowiecki to our house is 10 minutes by car about 6 km.

Hubert Lasocki i Anna Budzowska.

We warmly invite you all to this wonderful event! If you want to participate in our gathering send us an e-mail to info@themasterslife.com, you will receive information from us on how to make a deposit and book your place. 

The event is limited to 15 people.

We hope to see you soon!

With Love Hubert, Ania!!